15 Years of Experience


Al Osaimi Pearl Company was established in 2006 with a capital of 250,000 KD and a limited liability company to engage in the sale and purchase of land and real estate.

As the partners wished to expand their business base, they decided to form this company so that they would be the nucleus for the increase and development of their business, so they grew the desire to increase capital at the end of the fiscal year 2007 to KD 5 million of 2006 profits and current accounts. At present, some land plots are being built in the Abu Fatairah craft area for the construction of craft and investment vouchers and large real estate projects of tourist nature attracting the local economic purchasing power with a view to selling or renting them as determined by economic feasibility studies And financial and investment analysis


Mohamed Ali


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Our company policies follow critical measure to ensure high efficiency and Our properties built to a high quality to be efficient to our clients needs for a long terms deal.


When you made a deal with us you don't have to worry, because we are honest and committed to our contract terms. Honesty and integrity are critical components in today’s real estate industry.


Our Company has strategies to be compitable with real state market, that makes our clients feal safety and comfort. Increasing employee satisfaction & flexibility


Your contract with us is not just a wrriten deal, but it's also a meaning of trust and we confirm our commitment to all terms of the contract.


AlOsaimi Pearl has a big experience and a known name all over kuwait, and has a great name in kuwait real estate market.


The more you deal with us, the more we give you facilities. Our company always try to have along list of satisfied clients all over kuwait.

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